Key leadership experience – including talks about a factory closure

13. Juli 2021

The most important lessons learned in my #career so far.

This video matters to me at lot and I wanted to share for long time already.

I hope you can take your valuable time and watch it despite it being long. There is plenty of information in it.

Story background is a Unilever production plant closure respectively #restructuring at Unilever which I experienced first-hand and my take on #leadership and some of my #motivation.

I do appreciate if you react or comment in order to increase its visibility.

Some highlights:

- Preparation phase is key for you to get mentally ready but also do good for negatively affected staff

- Benefits of challenging the restructuring case for project owner (more realistic case and better risk and opportunity profile) and also executional team (understand the reasons, sign them off, buy-in of the team)

- Treating the team with utmost respect and being transparent as much as possible will get you support also during crisis

- Listen to the concerns, being available and also demonstrating that you do your best for all parties involved despite the difficult circumstances will reduce negative emotions and lets the whole team travel better during the restructuring phase

- Try to retain talent within the company